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Sales Management Training

This Sales Management Training in Cork course will teach you how to drive others to achieve your sales targets. Duration: 2 Days

What is it about?

The success of a sales team depends mainly upon the quality of its management. In this Sales Management Training Course we will give you a realistic set of guidelines on how to be a top sales manager and ultimately get the best from your team.

These invaluable techniques will give you the tools you need to build an environment of sure success.

Who is this Sales Training for?

Our Sales Management Training Courses are for anyone who is in charge of a sales team and is responsible for achieving sales results through others.

What is covered in this Sales Management Training in Cork?

  • Your role as leader of the sales team:
    • How to build and maintain a focused team.
    • Tips on how to keep the team positive, even in disappointing situations.
    • Learn how to evenly and fairly disperse the teams workload.
    • Guidelines on how to keep on top of deadlines and targets.
    • Easy tips on how to give effective appraisals and rewards.
  • Holding meetings and assessing performances:
    • Learn how to professionally give feedback, both good and bad.
    • How to handle difficult situations.
    • Guidelines on holding a successful sales meeting, tips on keeping morale high.
    • How to coach and counsel your team, and knowing when to do so.
    • The importance of on the job training for the sales team.

We also run our course in other locations?

Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Galway, Athlone, Mayo, Sligo, Wexford, Ennis, Clare, Tralee, Kerry, Carlow, Cavan, Kilkenny, Wicklow, Donegal, Louth, Wexford

Sales Training Onsite / In-house

The benefits of onsite sales training are that you have greater control of the outcome of the training. The training material can be tailored to deal with real issues that are affecting your business. The Sales Training will help to ensure that your investment in training is paid back many times over in increased sales revenue.